Lesson Plan for Teachers

Lesson: Introduction to the Law
Source: LAWSUIT!™ Board Game
Time: 50 minutes
    • Introduce students to the legal profession
    • Improve students’ knowledge on how the court system works
    • Familiarize students with legal phrases/vocabulary
    Students will
    • be able to define basic legal terms
    • have a better understanding of the legal profession
    • demonstrate a better understanding of how our legal system works
    • discover how legal outcomes are challenged
    • learn alternative ways of ending a dispute
    • realize why lawsuits are not always the best way to resolve disputes
    • see how laws impact everyday lives
    • uncover the pros and cons of running a business
    • have fun while learning about the law and what it’s like to be a lawyer
    LAWSUIT!™ board game includes
    • 1 Game Board
    • 76 Playing Cards
    • 5 Denominations of Play Money
    • 6 Game Pieces
    • 1 Die
    • Instructions
    Teaching Method
    • Explain the rules of the game
    • Explain how the game focuses on civil disputes (private disputes rather than criminal law)
    • Divide the class up into 2-6 players
    • Explain how the board is set up--
      • How to become a lawyer (left side)
      • The nitty gritty of running a law practice (mid-section)
      • What happens when you bring a case to trial (right side)
    • Explain the difference between the plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit) and the defendant (the party who allegedly caused the harm)
    • Be certain to explain the different options for game play
      • Becoming a partner (there are benefits/consequences)
      • Picking Appeal cards (explain why appealing can be helpful or not)
      • Drawing Settlement cards (most cases are settled)
    • Create a new LAWSUIT!™ card
    Additional Resources
    Visit http://www.lawsuitgame.com to check out the
    • Definitions page
    • Additional games
    • “Legal News” blog (discusses legal cases & issues)
    • “Legal Pix” Pinterest page (teaches about our legal system through photographs)